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Keep It Psychedelic Volume 2 compiled by Regan [Special Mix Edition]

Special Mixed Edition of ‘Keep It Psychedelic Volume 2 compiled by Regan’ weaved into a seamless journey of joyful exuberance.

In a time when we all need a party, one man has tirelessly dedicated his time and energy into keeping the vibe alive and compiled a whopping 15 track collection of psychedelic masterpieces for all the psychonauts out there! Nano Records boss-man, Regan, has pooled together 25 artists in this the second in his ‘Keep it Psychedelic’ compilation series, showcasing sounds of many Nano Records artists and close friends. Made to be played from start to finish in a musical journey, Keep it Psychedelic vol. 2 is filled with deep trippy atmospheres to moments of euphoria, and is sure to pull you along for the ride as the sonic landscapes play out all around you.

When listing all the artists who make up this release alongside one another you would be easily forgiven for thinking you were looking at a world class festival lineup, featuring : Altruism, Avalon, Braincell, Burn in Noise, Chromatone, Cylon, Earthspace, Ingrained Instincts, Ital, Kobi, Laughing Buddha, Magik, Mandala, Mandelbrot, ManMadeMan, Martian Arts, Pogo, Sybarite, The Commercial Hippies, Tristan, Tron, Vertical, Waio, Zephirus Kane, and Regan are all in the mix here.

All this, and the message remains, Keep it Psychedelic!

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00:00 Kobi – Night Watch
08:09 Cylon – Your Ass Will Follow
15:03 Sybarite – Sonic Staircase (Martian Arts Remix)
20:58 Burn in Noise – Guardians Of The Sky (Mandelbrot Remix)
26:19 The Commercial Hippies – Positronic
31:39 Mandala – Forever Spinning
38.32 Magik & Waio – Gan Jar (Ingrained Instincts Remix)
44:42 Avalon & Earthspace – Moment Of Truth
49:44 ManMadeMan – Are You Coming In
55:51 Pogo & Ital – Synchronicity Highway
1:00:48 Tristan & Regan – Energy Source
1:05:51 Braincell – Back On Track
1:12:10 Tron & Zephirus Kane – Slipstream
1:18:45 Altruism & Burn In Noise & Vertical – Human Oscillations
1:24:00 Laughing Buddha & Regan – Follow Your Passion (Chromatone Remix)

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Blasting since 2000 and dedicated to promoting only the best psychedelic trance from around the world, NANO is constantly ahead of the pack with new sounds and quality music.

As one of the most respected PsyTrance labels on the planet NANO has a massively strong artist roster that includes many of the most popular artists on the global scene today, including: Tristan, Avalon, Dickster, Burn In Noise, Laughing Buddha, Sonic Species, Altruism, Killerwatts, Mandala, Menog, The Commercial Hippies, Magik, Headroom, Skyfall, Circuit Breakers, Allaby, Pogo, Zephirus Kane, Braincell, Earthspace, Kobi, Melting Point, Vogon 42, James West, Dickster & GMS, Element, Bumbling Loons, Tongue & Groove, DJ Dala and head honcho; DJ Regan.

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